We have partner with FES to offer services that can be a benefit to all.

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Since this is a customized web design service, prices will vary. The first thing is their is a complimentary consultation meeting to determine if you as a consumer will benefit from our services. We will go over what we have available and afterwards if it seems to be to your liking, we can quote you a price with the pricing guide sheet. 

Our contract are precise and there are no hidden fees. We will offer a discount if a contract is drawn on the consultation meeting.Our guarantees are clearly define and we make sure of complete customer satisfaction.  

Fine Art Products and Web Design Service

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  • Blog Page (can count as a website page)
  • Website Resume (can count as a website page)
  • Portfolio (can count as a website page)
  • Short Websites (10 pages of less)
  • Contemporary Websites
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Christian Ministry Sites & Resources (non-profit specialty)
  • Custom Websites
  • Pre Design Websites
  • Web Based Business Stand Alone
  • Web Based Business Merger (Upon Approval)
  • External Inserts
  • ​External Links
  • Uploads  
  • QR Codes
  • Media Inserts
  • Application Inserts
  • WebSite Updates & Upkeep Subscription